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a little economics and a whole lot of fun

It’s spring break here and we just returned from a trip to Kyoto (post to come). The first day at home and the kids found boredom. So quickly, really?! But to my surprise it didn’t last long. They actually found their own entertainment that did not involve the iPad or TV. The oldest walked in from outside and said, “Mom, can we pick mulberries and make it into mulberry juice?” Our backyard (a.k.a butterfly park) is scattered with mulberry trees. It didn’t take them long to gather the things they needed to start picking once I said yes. After the picking, we moved to the kitchen to wash the mulberries, squeeze them into liquid, cook the liquid on the stove (just in case!) and then mix it with water and a little bit of sugar. The kids and I agreed that it needed something more. So we squeezed lime into the juice which made it taste really good. Almost similar to lemonade. Next both kids decided to sell it at a lemonade stand. The mulberry juice did not make enough so we turned it into mulberry lemonade by mixing it with lemonade. Almost a 1 to 1 ratio. Onto the economics aspect of this spring break activity. What a great teaching moment which I happily referred to my lovely husband. He is such a wonderful teacher. As he helped them plan out their venture, I found scrap wood (which I’ve needed to get rid of) for them to make the signs. By the time they headed down to the street corner the weather turned windy and cloudy. No way would that stop the kids. They were so excited and ready to market their fresh drinks. Wowzers! Was I surprised when they came home less than 2 hours later. After expenses which was $4.72, they made a whopping $37.73. Amazing.


One happy customer that happens to be a friend of my son. DSC_4542

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