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Kyoto in Springtime, Part 2

Our Kyoto vacation continues with visiting the monkeys at Iwatayama Monkey Park on Mt. Arashiyama. With a short walk from the train station, a small fee and a little hike up the mountain you can be surrounded by wild macaque monkeys. The kids had fun feeding them. What was very interesting is the people that want to feed the monkeys would enter a building and buy banana pieces and then feed the monkeys through the wire fencing. I am assuming it keeps the monkeys from attacking or stealing the food from the tourists.DSC_3983DSC_3988DSC_3994DSC_3996DSC_4004DSC_4007DSC_4019DSC_4029DSC_4038DSC_4074DSC_4081DSC_4090

After our time with the monkeys we walked a scenic path to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. This is a very popular, well photographed area. A short distance in a bamboo forest that feels more architectural and zen like. The bamboo provided a shady and cooler place that I welcomed.


BeeGee wanted me to get a photo of her throwing sakura petals up in the air. As I was preparing the camera she threw the petals in disgust. She claimed there was a bug crawling in the pile of petals which freaked her out. Needless to say she didn’t pick them up again. DSC_4157DSC_4158DSC_4159

On our walk back to the train station, we stopped to have Sakura (cherry blossom) ice cream. My eldest did not like the flavor, a cross between floral and green tea. Not my favorite but I sacrificed for him and ate it. DSC_4160DSC_4165

Here are the kiddos playing at the park near the apartment. We went home to take a little siesta before heading out and searching out more pretty cherry blossoms.



This photo is specifically for my mom. Mom would you believe these adorable bird fence posts line the entrance to parks! This one was propped up against a stump. Super cute and I thought of you.DSC_4260DSC_4263

The family walked the serene and peaceful Philosopher’s Walk. A long path lined with flowers and cherry blossoms. DSC_4270DSC_4273DSC_4288DSC_4314

On our last morning in Kyoto, we walked to the kaleidoscope museum which we were not allowed to take photos of and then headed to the Nishiki Market.


BeeGee wanted to get a snack while we were walking through the Nishiki Market. I was surprised when she chose to buy the “Candied Octopus with Stuffed Quail Egg on a Stick.” And she ate it too! I took a small nibble of a tentacle and can safely say that it was not a snack I would choose!DSC_4337DSC_4340DSC_4343DSC_4345DSC_4349DSC_4350DSC_4354DSC_4363


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