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Osaka, Japan

We had to fly in and out of Osaka for our Kyoto vacation. Might as well use our time wisely and spend a day or two in Osaka to see the sites and go to Universal Studios. The kids thought Universal was the highlight of the vacation. Harry Potter World and Snoopy’s Great Race were the kids favorite areas of the park. We rode the JAWS ride (in Japanese!) and I got to remember and see the fear first-hand when BeeGee hid her face in my lap and would not look up till it was over. We also got to see the 50th anniversary parade and dance in the streets with all the characters. It was a blast! Matter of fact, BeeGee said on the way back to the hotel after we spent the entire day at Universal, “Wow, that was a blast! Thank you Mom.” I am so happy that we took the opportunity to let the kids be kids away from site-seeing temples and foreign foods. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show because I just couldn’t fathom lugging my big DSLR through universal.

We stayed at another airbnb apartment. This one was a little older but more spacious inside. Our view was a little less desirable. It turned out, we were right next to a highway. But thankfully due to solid construction, you couldn’t hear the traffic from inside the apartment.DSC_4385DSC_4387

The first night we headed to Dotonburi Canal for yummy thai food. The night life down on the canal got busier and busier as the night went on.DSC_4367DSC_4376DSC_4379

The next day we headed to Osaka Castle. The walls and moat around the castle were impressive. This is the guard house at the corner of the castle grounds.DSC_4388DSC_4392DSC_4393

On the walk to the castle the kids stopped for a quick photo opportunity with the pretty flowering bushes. Bee Gee enjoyed getting pics of all the flowers through out our vacation.DSC_4395


My handsome men taking a quick break at the base of the castle. The breeze was nice and cooler.DSC_4410

View from the top of the castle.DSC_4418DSC_4427DSC_4430

Playground break.DSC_4447DSC_4448

This is what I had for lunch – taco rice with a soft runny egg on top. It was delicious and I enjoyed the fresh salad greens.DSC_4453

BeeGee had a sweet lunch with pancakes, ice cream and strawberries. Sometimes it is fun to let them indulge.DSC_4454

Dudeo had a healthier, sweet lunch of fresh fruit, pancakes and ice cream.DSC_4456

Osaka’s Museum of Modern Art DSC_4459DSC_4460DSC_4465

Parkour enthusiasts. Of course Dad started and the kids followed. DSC_4478

Another little neighborhood of Osaka called Shinsekai. It used to be a not-so-safe or clean area of Osaka. But the past decades it has become a tourist spot where you can eat the local cuisine and play. It is supposedly designed after New York Times Square and Paris. I didn’t see the connection.DSC_4485DSC_4487

This old fashioned subway train was the last photo of our trip. We had a great time in Kyoto and Osaka. The kids got along great and were extra kind to each other. These are the times I hope my children will remember and remember them fondly. We are truly blessed. Not many can say they traveled the world at age 6 and 8.  DSC_4491

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