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Nerf Birthday Party

I have said this countless times, “my son gets gypped on his birthday parties.” We are always in limbo during the summer either moving to a new country or traveling. I typically don’t have the time or access to plan a well designed birthday party. I typically hodgepodge it and this year was no different. Despite the limited design and make-shift activities, I would say that this birthday totally rocked!

Why is that?! Because this year, his party was at Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Kansas. It has been over 2 years since we’ve seen them and my sister’s family which includes his super cool, computer-techie, older cousins. He got to learn new tricks with computer games, hang with old friends from Okinawa, and eat his favorite cake – angel food. It was a total success.

As always, I start planning the party by determining a color scheme. Not only do these colors compliment a Nerf party but my mom had left over birthday supplies from a few years back. Win/Win.






I dressed up an angel food cake with grey whipped frosting and nerf bullets. Simple, easy with minimal effort. dsc_6854dsc_6857dsc_6867

They played with nerf guns for most of the day and then towards the end we pulled out some water balloons for them to cool off.dsc_6888dsc_6895dsc_6916

Below are a sequence of photos that I took while the dads snuck up on the kiddos to surprise attack them with large water balloons. It’s funny how the kids remained posing until they realized what was going on and scattered in defense.


  • heather - awesome invite! where was that from?ReplyCancel

    • Heather - Thanks Heather, I designed the invitation. I started selling electronic files on etsy. If you are interested in having this design let me know.ReplyCancel

      • Ashley - Hi there! I love the invite. can you email me a link so I can purchase these invites?ReplyCancel

        • Heather - Hi Ashley! Thanks for reaching out. I am happy that you like my design. I am sending you a email now.ReplyCancel

          • Kristian - Can you please email me link to invite! Thank you!

          • Heather - Kristian, Unfortunately I can’t send you an email of the invitation since I designed it specifically for my son’s birthday with his information on it. But I would be willing to create something for your son. I am sending you an email explaining. Thanks, Heather

  • Kelsie - I love the goodie bags!! Where did you find those!!ReplyCancel

    • Heather - Kelsie, Thank you for the nice compliment. I found the blue and orange bags from a local dollar store. I loved that they were not huge but big enough to put a small nerf gun and candy in it. I then designed a coordinating gift favor tag to tie on the bags. If you would like to buy a digital pdf of the gift tags for you to use, let me know. I can add it to my etsy store hellodesignlove.ReplyCancel

      • Kristian - Can you please tell me Name of dollar store you bought those bags? They’re perfect!ReplyCancel

        • Heather - Kristian, I picked up the bags from the store called Daiso. We lived in Japan at the time. However, depending on what city you live in there are several Daiso stores here in the US too. Happy shopping.

          ~ HeatherReplyCancel

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