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Easter bonnet for school parade

My daughter’s teacher sent out the event calendar for the month of April. On it was a Bonnet parade scheduled forView full post »

This Little Leprechaun

It’s that time of year. Only 5 more days to St. Patty’s day. St. Patty’s day is held extra special toView full post »

Flying High, Little Valentine!

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to send my kids to school with something fun for their classmates that didn’tView full post »

An recycled Christmas tree

Last year I bit the bullet and bought new plates. I needed them so badly. It was getting to the point that IView full post »

A little Christmas cheer

As a special gift to Daddy (a.k.a. my husband) I thought it would be fun to make a miniature Christmas tree.View full post »

Melissa & Doug wooden tray turned into a jewelry tray

As I was cleaning out my daughters room I decided the tray that held her magnetic dolls was not effective. It truly isView full post »

The Week of Beans. Magical, black, and jelly to name a few.

Last week it was ladybugs. The kids had a blast and are still looking for cute little bug crafts to make. This week itView full post »

Themed weeks during the summer

Several post back I talked about having a Weekly schedule. It is time to expand on that. What about having a theme forView full post »

A summer reward jar

A few posts back I mentioned that we will have a reward system during the summer. The kids will get to draw a rewardView full post »

Inexpensive crafts for the kiddos

Do your kids love to do crafts? Mine do, especially the projects that involve painting with “mommy’sView full post »

Summer is approaching fast

Yes, I know it is that time again. I can hardly believe it myself. May is such a busy time. I guess all the end of theView full post »

Happy Love Day to You.

Did you wake up today prepared to wish your loved ones a happy Valentine’s day? Or did you run out to the storeView full post »

A Super Valentine

As I was cutting out heart shape valentines for my daughter’s class, my son walks up. “Are those for myView full post »

A Girly Valentine

It is that time of year again to show your loved ones and friends you care. (I know, it snuck up on me too! Darn youView full post »

Quick silhouette art that even your kids can do

Why does the second child get the short end of the deal?! When I had my first child I stayed on top of photos, on topView full post »