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Mud fun

Kids were outside playing, I was inside getting dinner ready and I happened to glance out the window to see my kids andView full post »

A Water Weekend on Torii Station

As our time here on island is getting closer to the end we have made it a quest to enjoy all the things we will miss.View full post »

a little economics and a whole lot of fun

It’s spring break here and we just returned from a trip to Kyoto (post to come). The first day at home and theView full post »

Grilling out with friends

We are many many miles from home. On a daily basis I think of our family back in the states and miss them incredibly.View full post »

Paddle-boarding on Torii Beach

This beautiful, sunny morning the family packed up the car and headed to a nearby beach to play. The big kid wanted toView full post »

Bullfighting – a Okinawan Tradition

One weekend afternoon, my hubby suggested that our family attend a Okinawa Traditional Bullfight. I did not know whatView full post »

Saturday on the Green River Trail

Saturday morning started out lazy. We all grabbed our own electronic devices and zoned out for a bit. It was fun seeingView full post »

A Minecraft Birthday Party

How many of your children are addicted to Minecraft?! Is it “minecraft” this and “minecraft”View full post »

An Outdoor Okinawa Weekend

Hard to believe but we finally had a weekend all to ourselves. No events. No obligations. No place we had to be. WOW! AView full post »

Ryukyu Mura and Maeda Flats

If you have visitors on the island and want to show them what Okinawa’s culture is like, Ryukyu Mura is a good place toView full post »

Grandparents visit to Okinawa

It was a happy reunion for all of us when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. Between site-seeing, traveling to ThailandView full post »

Surf is up

My friend, Stephanie, got a new camera lens. It is one that I have been eyeing for a very long time, definitely over aView full post »

A little bit of this and a little of that

I want to share with you through pictures what we did this weekend. It was not the best of weather. A little cloudy,View full post »

Dragon Spring Training

Okinawa is the spring training location for all major league baseball teams from Mainland Japan. Okay, I am not goingView full post »

A Sushi Making Lunch

Once a month a bunch of us ladies get together to try a new restaurant or a tried and true yummy one that we all like.View full post »