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Are you a microwave person? Or a toaster oven fan?

I am in a cleaning-the-house-mood. The junk collecting in the corners and flat surfaces are killing me. I feel likeView full post »

Melissa & Doug wooden tray turned into a jewelry tray

As I was cleaning out my daughters room I decided the tray that held her magnetic dolls was not effective. It truly isView full post »

My kids’ summer rewards

Summer is suppose to be great fun for kids. Yep! Got it. But it is also the time to work on the things that seemedView full post »

My Kids’ Summer Schedule

Once school is out there will be nothing but sleeping in, lollygagging, and lots and lots of tv! What?! Okay, that isView full post »

Summer is approaching fast

Yes, I know it is that time again. I can hardly believe it myself. May is such a busy time. I guess all the end of theView full post »

Operation Clean Out Garage… in a nutshell.

Whoa! Crazy but awesome weekend. I have been prepping mentally and physically for this garage sale for so long. I knewView full post »